Sunday, March 15, 2009

Update on Evan

Please say an extra prayer today. They are supposed to take the vent off today, but he had a rough night so I am not sure they will. He has done well the past two days with the vent at the lowest setting, but he has a hard time at night and last night he was on less medication so he was not sedated as much as usual and he would get mad and hold his breath. He had two episodes when the nurse turned his head, one was bad and the vent had to kick in a little to get him going again and one was just a little fit and he started everything back himself. The doc has not been around yet so I am not sure they will pull the vent today or not. So please pray that if they pull the vent his body will kick in and breath on his own. I think all the tubes are part of the problem with all the frustration he has at night. His biliruben is also up so he is on phototherapy so he has a mask over his eyes now also. He did get a nice bath yesterday and a new outfit on. That always calms him. We also had visitors. Grandma and Grandpa brought G&G up and then some friends brought us dinner and some gifts from home and that was so nice. Grace also had a friend come to see the baby. It was good for her to get to show her little brother to her friend. It is wild to think this time last week I was still pregnant and sitting in church, it just seems like a lifetime ago. One of the docs asked Sean the other day how many days it had been since Evan was born and he just said one long day with a few naps here and there. Everything is just running together. Yesterday was another good day, last night was rough, please pray for a good day today.

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The Shaw's said...

I am lifting all those things up in prayer right now.
Heavenly Father,
Thank you for giving us all another day. None of it we deserve. Thank you for this sweet miracle, Evan. His life is showing Your Glory. I pray many people come to know You through the testimony of his life. I lift him up to You now. I know You love him more than any of us can. Heal the mechanism that triggers each breath so he can be free of the ventilator tubes that are such an irritation to him. Bring peace and comfort to his body despite all the tubes and tests and eye covers and diaper changes and exams that disturb his peace. Be with Monica, Sean, Gracie, and Garrett as it seems to them that life is one never ending day. Show Yourself mighty to them today. Let them know you are Immanuel, God with us. We give You all the glory, honor, and praise. amen.

StephF said...

I think he looks a little like Garrett. He looks like such a proud big brother!

Nieman Family said...

I'm Praying for your lil one...There is a fabulous blog out there on Trisomy 13. It is wonderful if you haven't heard of it already. Love and prayers sending your way.