Friday, April 30, 2010

It's Friday - I'm in love

Week 7. You grew so much overnight, it seems. You are getting chubbier and chubbier. You have rolls on your legs and your 0-3 month clothes are not fitting that great anymore. You are putting yourself to sleep now. All I have to do is give you one of your favorite blankets (they are really soft) and you rub your cheek against it until you fall asleep. You would rather have it over your face, and if you get a hold of it you pull it over your face. It makes mommy nervous though so I try to keep you from doing that. You are starting to talk to us more and more and you love it outside. Your new favorite thing is to sit in the hammock outside in the evenings. The weather has been perfect for that lately. You just look around the whole time. When we are inside you enjoy looking out the windows. You are going to love playing outside when you get a little older. You are also smiling at us a lot more, especially in the mornings when it is just us.

Friday, April 23, 2010

It's Friday - I'm in love

Week 6. OK- I am totally stealing the title from nikki. I am also stealing another idea from a random blog. I am going to post a picture of Carolina every Friday because she was born on Friday. I think it will be fun to have these pictures to look back on as she grows.

Six weeks

It is amazing how quickly they go from this

to this

Her face has slimmed down and she is starting to get rolls on her legs. She has got nursing down great now and is eating like a champ without hurting mommy. She is sleeping for longer stretches and loves to be awake during the evening while everything is hectic (lots to look at). She travels so well. She has been to basketball games, soccer games, and softball games. She reaches for my face when I talk to her and just tries so hard to talk back to me. She loves to sing and bounce. It is going by way too fast!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

One Month + 3 Days

The first month and I am late! Ha! Carolina, at one month you
~Love to make kissy faces
~Nurse on demand and you demand every 2-3 hours, except at night then it is as much as every hour
~Love to sleep in your car seat
~When we put you on your tummy you roll onto your back.
~Hate to be swaddled
~You make the cutest grunting noises
~Sleep from 11:00/midnight till 5:00/6:00 (which means mommy gets some sleep!:P)
~Cannot tolerate mommy eating dairy or drinking milk.
~You let us know when you are not happy, but you are a happy baby most of the time.
~Still hate getting your diaper changed
~Starting to tolerate bath time

I am sure I will add to that list as I think of it.
Here is a video of her rolling from her tummy to her back. I think she would take off crawling if her arms caught up with her legs. :)

Friday, April 09, 2010

Easter Sunday Part 2

Grace loves to sing and she has been very fortunate to sing in Church at Christmas and now Easter Sunday. There is no sweeter sound than your child singing praises to God.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Sunday

Just some pictures from Easter Sunday. I did not get any of G&G with their baskets because they had gone through their baskets, inventoried the candy, and had it in their rooms before Sean and I even got up. Carolina had more pictures because she can't run from me and my camera yet! Ha! Sean's parents and sister were here and we really enjoyed their visit. They may never come again because we put them to work, hard work. We ( and by we I mean Sean's parents, sister, Sean, and my dad with some help from G&G) built a raised veggie garden that I am so excited about! Maria is a horticulturist with the Denver Botanical Gardens and she did my flower beds also! I am so excited about that because I do not know a lot about flowers, but I can water them once they are planted! So we had a very productive weekend, and I got to shower without the bouncy seat on the other side of the glass shower door.