Monday, March 23, 2009

One Week

It has been one week since we let Evan go. While we were preparing to care for Evan one of the docs told us it was a marathon, not a sprint. That is exactly what this week has felt like. It just seems like a lifetime since we held Evan. Evan's name means young fighter, and he was, he fought so hard to stay with us. I just miss him so much.

Thank you to everyone who has sent us messages, brought us meals, prayed for us, sent cards and flowers. It has meant the world to us to know that so many people are praying and care about us. We are just so thankful.


The Shaw's said...

Oh Monica, I know your wound is so open and fresh. My heart breaks for you and Sean. Evan was such a beautiful, beautiful baby. I can't even imagine your heartache. I am continuing to pray for you daily. I pray that our heavenly Father is letting his peace and comfort pour over you. I hope that your cup is running over with healing love. Love, Rhonda

Julie said...

I'm praying for you friend.

Whitney said...

Continuing to pray.

Becky said...

That you feel His peace and comfort moment by moment is the first thing I pray in the morning and the last thing I pray at night. Even though I haven't gotten to know you well, through your words I see a mom who is so in love with her children and so in love with her Savior. You and Sean are continuously on my mind.