Monday, September 08, 2008

There is a baby Bum in my oven

Sean thinks that is a very corny joke, but I like it! After a very long time of trying and seeing just one pink line on many pregnancy test, I am finally pregnant. According to the ultrasound I was 12 weeks on Sunday, by dates I will be 12 weeks on Thursday, but I just can't stand not saying anything anymore!! We told G & G last night and Sean told his family so I am now posting it for everyone to see! Oh, and MG is very excited! GW is ok if it is a boy, if it is a girl he will run. I am not sure where he will run, but he will run. Oh, and if it is a boy he wants to name him Rocks (or Rox, not sure of the spelling) I have no idea where he got this name, but he has wanted a brother named Rocks for a while now. I am sick and I am so tired, but I am loving it!! I had to go off my migrane meds so I have had alot of migranes and the new meds are not as good. Dr. Laws thinks they will start to get better at about 15 weeks, please pray that this is true. And please pray that S/he will be healthy!! I am still very nervous, things have gone very well and for some reason that just makes me more nervous.