Saturday, October 27, 2007

You Growl at me

and I will growl right back. Garretts class went to the nature center for a field trip. Sean has taken the kids there to fish and stuff, but I had never been out there. I love it. We are going to start hiking out there more often, and there are several places for awesome pictures! Garrett had a blast playing with all the *stuffed* animals and watching the fish. Really fun place!
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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

They are just too cute!

At least I think so! Fall is my favorite season! I tried to get pictures of the kids with the pumpkins and mums, but the sun was in their eyes so those pictures did not turn out that great, but I love this one. They are BOTH actually smiling! Not fake smiles, real smiles!! Anyway, we will be traveling the next three weekends with soccer. Last weekend Grace has a tournament in Springdale that was a lot of fun, I will post more pictures later. She did really well, they did not have any subs. THe coach tried splitting the team so the girls would get more playing time. Well they did!! They were supposed to have two subs, but one broke her toe and another went on vacation instead. So they got alot of playing time!! Needless to say, they were really tired when the games were over. Three games with two 25 minute halves. They are constantly running, and sprinting alot! The fact that it was not hot is the only reason some of them made it (including Grace)!
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Monday, October 08, 2007

Just an Old Picture

So you can see how much her smile has changed.
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Saturday, October 06, 2007

A beautiful Smile

I know it is a bad squinty eye photo, but we didn't have much time and I wanted to show off that beautiful braces free smile!! She will have to have a full set of braces put back on in a little over a year, but she won't have to wear them very long. When I look at past photos it is just amazing the difference. I would have to tell her to put her teeth back in her mouth and there were a few girls who called her chipmunk, but now she has a wonderful set of straight teeth!! Now we are just crossing our fingers that she doesn't lose her retainers, those things are expensive to replace!!
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