Sunday, March 30, 2008


We have had a truely insane weekend. Grace had 7 games yesterday. Seven. We started at 7:45 at the soccer fields and we left the softball field at 11:24pm with first place trophies for both tournaments! You would think she would be falling over tired (I was). NOPE. I am very proud of her. We were running from one field to another. She didn't miss any games and she played her heart out. We got to one softball game right as she was up to bat, her coach was calling us and pretty nervous, she is third batter. She ran to the field and batted and when she made it around the bases she ran to the dugout and asked if she had time to go to the bathroom! Even through the last softball game she was yelling cheers and having a blast. I think she thrives in this enviroment. Free time drives her crazy. I have tried to get her to rest and watch movies and read books today and she wants to run around and play outside. Sean came to some of the games, we didn't think Garrett should have to spend his day running around and going from field to field, so he had a dad and Garrett day, until the last couple of games, he fell alseep in my lap at the ballfield. I have a feeling this is just the beginning of insane busy weekends.

Julie wants seven random facts about me.
1. 4th grade science is kicking my butt. Seriously, do you remember the 5 layers of the atmosphere or all of Newtons laws?
2. I am becoming a scrap product collecter instead of a scrapper. I need to make time to scrap.
3. Sunday after church I will google the words to songs the band sings so I can find the songs on itunes. Then when I mow the lawn or I am folding clothes I can listen to worship songs. They usually sound better coming from the band at church, but I have found some great artists and songs this way.
4. I am a Big Brother junkie. I read the spoiler threads at a couple of sites. This seasons people are skanks. Seriously and you don't know that unless you read the spoilers.
5. I love the movie Enchanted, but I cannot look at McDreamy and not be mad at him because he is not with Merideth.
6. I volunteer in the office at my children's school once a week and I love it. I miss having other adults to talk to.
7. I have been wearing flip flops and my toenails are not even painted yet. Really, I have no business wearing any kind of shoe that shows my toenails or cracked heals, I need to take care of that!
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Friday, March 21, 2008


Miss tagged me to post 7 random things about myself. I really can't think of 7 radom things so I decided to post 7 random photos I have taken.