Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Other Soccer Player

Garrett is playing soccer also, but I have had a harder time getting any good photos of him. He is more of a defensive player. When the other team gets the ball he will run to play goalie, but the ball usually goes right past him!! His cousin Brandon is on his team again this year so they are having a blast playing together. Hopefully I will get some photos of him actually kicking the ball soon!
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Express U11 Came in Second

But it was soooooo close! This is from the game with the winners. They tied this game, the point differential was exactly the same, so they had to go to shutouts. We had 2, they had 3. Gracie did score her first goal with her left foot! She was sooo excited and I think you could hear Sean cheering all over the field. Gracie is not supposed to be using her elbow like she is in this photo, but the other girl isn't supposed to use her hands like that either. Oh, and the girl (the blond in the photo) may be small, but she was the MVP of the tournament. She was a fast little booger! I am very proud of Gracie and the whole team. They fought hard and worked together. There were a lot of goals scored and by a lot of girls. A defender even scored an awesome goal in the first game. So we had a fun weekend of soccer, shopping, swimming, and PF Changs.
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