Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Basketball Season is Here

Seriously, we tell what season it is by the sport Gracie is playing!LOL! We were in Kansas City last weekend for a soccer tournament then Thursday they had a basketball practice and she had her first intermural games today. She played 4 twelve minute quarters. She scored 30 points. They sat her out for a while to let the other team have a chance. She was passing it and letting other girls shoot, then she would get the rebound and shoot. She quit playing defense and just kinda stood in the middle. I think she felt bad for the other team. She did say it was a lot of fun to score though! This picture is from last season because I, like a good mom, forgot my camera. My brain just was not ready to function for an 8:30 game on a Saturday though. So get ready, I am sure there will be plenty of basketball pictures coming!
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Monday, November 12, 2007

Eight Random Things About Me...

1. I have horrid social skills. I would rather sit in the corner and watch than to actually put myself out there and have people not like me. This is somthing that I have really really been working on. So if I see you out and about, don't let me run off without talking to you. When I see someone I know my first instinct is to bolt. The pressure of talking and actually having something to say is huge. Like I said, something I am working on.

2. This is my favorite picture right now...

3. I put things off as long as possible. Today, I turned in a take home test at like 11:53, it was due at 12:00, I have had it for a week!!!

4. I am a horrid speller. It is awful!!

5. I am six months older than my husband.

6. My right leg is literally screwed on wrong. My foot points outward. Long story short, I was born with a problem, had it corrected as an infant. When I started playing sports I had a lot of injuries to my ankle and knee. Hip was still screwed up(something the docs had not really ever seen) so a metal plate, some screws and bolts and my hip is still screwed up, but it doesn't cause injury to my knee and ankle. My foot just points the wrong way.

7. I read books over and over. Especially books that are in a series. I read them so fast that I forget details so when the next book comes out I reread the previous one. Sean makes fun of me for it!

8. I don't really like chocolate ice cream, I like vanilla with chocolate in it. Is that weird?

Anyway, thank you Julie for tagging me. I think Julie tagged anyone who might read my blog, if you are reading it and not tagged by Julie, then I would probably fall over from shock!!!
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