Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Taj Mahal Model

Excuse the color of the photo, my house has really funny lighting, especially at night. Sean and Gracie have worked many many hours on her history project. They even used scientific principles for the lighting to make it glow like it does when the full moon hits it. This model was made with paper and lots of glue and lots of patience. It was worth it though. Even though it was not the pyramids made out of cake, it was the first time someone had used lighting in this project so hopefully that will get her some creative points! Oh, the assignment was to make an ancient structure out of objects from around your house. They used paper, glue, alum. foil for the reflective pool and pipe cleaners and pompoms for the trees and bushes. This is the type of project that makes me very thankful for Sean because I just read the assignment and had no idea, and then she told us she had the Taj Mahal and Sean was full of ideas! They also spent a lot of one on one time over about four weekends building it.
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Michelle said...

I don't like school projects, but I get stuck with all of them. It looks like they did a great job. I'm sure she'll get an A+!

StephF said...

so cool! Can I send my kids to Sean?? haha