Friday, July 25, 2008

What do you do with a possum after you catch one?

My wonderful 73 year old born and raised in the country, but now lives in the middle of the city dad caught a possum yesterday. He actually had a pet possum when he was young. His name was Sammy and Sammy lived in the house. Anyway, yesterday morning there was possum under my dads car and then it went up a tree, so my dad caught it. That was were he stopped the story.

So I asked him what he did with it.
He threw it in the trash.
The trash trucks were coming so he just threw it in the trash. When he put something else in there later he said it just looked up at him. So now my dad thinks there is a happy possum running around the dump. I didn't want to tell him that the crusher thing probably took care of the possum before he even got to the dump, I will just let him think he made the thing happy!
The kids are in Minnesota and I am bored out of my mind. So I will post of pictures that I have taken recently. Gracie in all her mountain biking gear and Garrett swimming. Oh, and Barbie giving Garrett a bath. I really think she thinks he is hers. She gives him a bath every chance she gets. I think every boy needs a Barbie dog!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Just a Quick Post

These were taken after her team placed 2nd at state. She was trying to smile while crying. She played so hard and we are so proud of her, but these pictures are just sad.

Garrett being Garrett.
I am looking forward to a nice relaxing long weekend of swimming and cooking out! I hope everyone has a nice relaxing fourth!