Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just a few more of my favorite...


And some that include G&G! I feel like I haven't posted about them in forever. MG is busy as ever. We have soccer and softball going. She is loving every minute. She is playing fastpitch girl pitch this year. It is a lot different from pitching machine. She has some more of her friends on the team this year, two girls from school and one of our neighbors (she also plays soccer with her)so MG is loving that!
GW is playing soccer. He chose not to play baseball this year, and wants to try swimming this summer. So we should have a busy spring and summer with them.
Several people have asked how they are doing with all of this, and really they are handling things pretty well. They ask questions and have their moments when they are sad, but I think it is all normal grieving for children their age. GW is very concerned about me. If I make a noise he thinks may be crying he checks on me. He is very sweet and tries to make things better. He still talks about missing his baby brother. He is just so sweet when he sees tears.
I really need to get my camera out more. I didn't get one picture of the two of them together at Easter. I will make them dress up again and take some pictures on a sunny evening one day this week. I need to take pictures, do something creative.
If you will notice in some of these pictures Sean has his hands gripping the bottom of my shirt. He kept flashing my big belly for Julie. It was a good thing that I love her and don't mind her seeing my big belly. Oh, and he got the bare belly pictures that he wanted.
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Julie said...

Love you, girl.

Michelle said...

These are all so good, and I'm glad that you have them to cherish.