Monday, March 14, 2011

National Trisomy 13 Awareness Day

March is National Trisomy 13 Awareness Month. The 13th is National Trisomy 13 Awareness Day. It is also two years to the day we received Evan's definite diagnosis. I know that I am a day late. We were in Little Rock this weekend. It was a tough weekend. I cannot drive past Childrens without feeling like someone punched me in the stomach. Yesterday I sat at a volleyball tournament holding a sleeping baby thinking about how much had changed in the past two years. Two years ago I could not even fathom I would be in Little Rock holding Evan's little sister. It just amazes me.

This is a video another mom put together last year. Evan is in it about 2:50. It seems there are so many Trisomy videos that are out there to shock people. I am so glad she made this to show how much these babies are loved.

Here is a link to the actual video. My blog is cutting it off?

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