Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Birthday Party

We had Carolina's birthday party last weekend. Sean's parent came from Minnesota and his sister came from Denver. My family came also, just a much shorter drive! ha! We didn't have a lot of people because I didn't want this big stressful party. It was still stressful, but fun! I went with the owl theme. My mother collected owls so there were owls around my house when I was little so I really love all the owl stuff that is out now. I had a friend of mine make her 1st birthday shirt then took it to Creative Kitchen and they copied the shirt for her cake! I love it! The pictures just do not do it justice. Then I did pink and blue Jones Soda and finger foods.

As I said I had a sweet friend make her onsie. I made the tutu and my mother in law made the leggings. She loves tutus! She is such a girl!

With the cake, she started out tentative, but she dug in with glee! I just cannot even explain how giddy she was! I gave her some juice to help wash the icing down and she did not want to touch the cup. She finally did, and then licked the icing off the handle! She didn't want to waste any of it! ha!

After a bath, she opened her presents. She proved once again that she is very much a girly girl. She loved the babies, but she also loved the car Sean and I got for her! Funny story. Elmo has a bottle. Carolina has never had a bottle. I thought she would just equate it with a sippy cup or a paci, but she puts it on Elmo's neck. I have tried showing her it goes in his mouth, but she will stick it back on his neck. I have no idea what she thinks it is! ha!

She was one little worn out birthday girl!

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thetalbotts said...

Carolina did an awesome job on her cake! Those were great pictures of her tearing into it. :)