Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had an exciting Christmas around here. Carolina could have cared less! ha! She liked the Zoe toothbrush and the pretty dress the most. The dinosaur riding toy that I thought she would love, she looks at funny every once in a while and will sit on it for about a minute! ha!

Garrett is normally so hard to buy for because he really likes cheap stuff. His favorite present last year was a $10 package of army men. I feel bad if he gets army men and Gracie gets the expensive stuff she wants. This year he wanted Kinects to go with his Xbox. I went to Walmart and they told me that I would not be able to find it by itself. I went to Target and they had it! ha! It had just came in that morning and they had like seven and I got the second to last one! Yea! He was and still is so excited! He also loved the Harvey Trent (from batman) figurine with the coin to flip (that was like $2). I love that boy!

Grace was all about boots and clothes and itune gift cards! She loved all her stuff. I was kind of worried she wouldn't like the clothes I picked out, but she loved them. I let my brother pick out the boots (he sells them so he knows more about the styles).

Sean and I also had a good Christmas. I was able to surprise him. He didn't even realize the present was under the tree! He had told me he wanted the blue twins pull over so I went online and ordered it. He got me some Toms and Minnatonka boots. His brother got him a little version of his Chevelle. That was a really great gift also.

Merry Christmas!

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