Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Carolina is all over the place. Just look how happy making a mess makes her! ha! I don't know how many times I put her toys back into that bucket yesterday. Then why play with all those toys. I mean if Dad leaves his hat and Garrett decides to change clothes in the living room, then hats and jeans are fair game to chew on! I can't turn my head for a minute! ha! Garrett will tell me she is up to mischief, which I think is so cute!

Speaking of little man, I am about to interrupt this

so I can get some last minute things before Sean's parents get here. I am hoping if I go to the store early enough it won't be too crazy. After today I will not step foot in the door of a store for several days, unless someone makes me! Crowds make me nervous!

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thetalbotts said...

Isn't it amazing how crawling changes your entire life overnight? I've done this twice before, but for some reason Isaac has really thrown me for a loop with his mischief too! Carolina is too cute in the picture of the dumped out bucket. :)