Friday, November 12, 2010

It's Friday - I'm in love

Week 35. She is also 8 months old today! She is crawling like crazy all of a sudden. She is everywhere. fast. Our dog leaves her toys and treats around the house, and before that was really no big deal. Now Carolina tries her best to get them. I think the dog is leaving them close to her just to see me run as quickly as I can to get to the milkbone before Carolina does! ha! I had to take her outside to get pics today. Even then she was much more interested in eating all the sticks and leaves she could pick up. I did finally get a tooth shot!

OK. At 8 months you are
~Crawling all over the place
~Nursing 5-6 times a day
~Will eat sweat potatoes, butternut squash, and brown rice cereal
~You also love bananas
~Have one and a half teeth
~Wear size 3 diapers (for now)
~Wearing size 18 month clothes
~Starting to say mama when you really want something
~Love puffs and baby mum mums
~Starting to actually drink grape juice out of your sippy cup

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