Monday, November 15, 2010


Oh how quickly life is changing. She is everywhere, all at once! She is quickly learning the word "no", and she does not like it! She is also learning how to play with something like a toy and as soon as my back is turned darting for the tv. The tv has all sorts of interesting things like the Wii next to it, and surround sound speakers! Fun stuff! The dog is also getting in on this. The mailman gives her treats everyday. She does not eat them, she brings them in and carries them around for a while dropping it here and there so the baby tries her best to get to them. She will also bring one of her nasty toys and drop it next to Carolina. Now if I put one of Carolina's toys there, she would ignore it. Barbie dropping a nasty toy she has chewed on there, and Carolina does her best to get to it! ha! She has discovered she can crawl to the windows and look outside. That is quickly becoming her favorite! I have lots of baby proofing to do!

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