Friday, October 15, 2010

Remembering Evan

Today is pregnancy and infant loss awareness day. I will post Carolina's weekly pics later, but right now I just want to remember Evan. I love his 12 fingers and 11 toes, even though it was indicative of the disorder that took him from us. He loved to lay on his tummy with his head to the right. He was so strong that when the nurses would reposition him, he would lift himself up and move his head right back! (The head nurse said he could not do that, until he did it right in front of her!) His skin was so soft and he had very fine hair on his shoulders. He loved to be held and hold our fingers. I love the middle picture because of the way Sean is looking at Evan. He loved to hear Sean's voice. I miss him so much. I just miss him.


chadandnikki said...

He's absolutely perfect. Remembering with you today.

Michelle said...

Thinking of you.

The Shaw's said...

The loss of Evan will never leave you... just like the love you have for him never will. He was perfect. A precious angel. Praying for you friend.