Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Festival

Sunday night our church had their fall festival. My kids love the fall festival. Grace is old enough this year to help with the games, and she had a blast! Carolina enjoyed watching everything and she rode her first pony! I think she enjoyed it. She kept saying "buh" which is what she calls our dog (Barbie). Garrett was pretty much a blur all night. I think we spent most of the night looking for him! He did play football for a while though. Oh, and the costumes! Grace was a waitress, Garrett a hot dog, and Carolina a hamburger!


Michelle said...

She was the cutest little hamburger I've ever seen!! And Grace saved me from being pegged in the head with a bean bag. Tell her thanks!

The Shaw's said...

The costume idea was fabulous! She is the yummiest hamburger I have ever seen!! I'm sure everyone couldn't get enough of her.

chadandnikki said...

Love their costumes!!