Monday, May 11, 2009


Sometimes when I feel like I am totally losing it, this grounds me. Taking a walk with my ipod with songs like this keep me from staying in bed with the covers over my head. Just a reminder that I am not alone. ever.

"Crawl (Carry Me Through)"

How long will this take?
How much can I go through?
My heart, my soul aches
I don't know what to do
I bend, but don't break
Somehow I'll get through
Cause I have You

And if I had to crawl
Well You'd crawl too
I stumble and I fall
Carry me through
The wonder of it all
Is You see me through

O Lord, where are you?
Do not forget me here
I cry in silence
Can you not see my tears

When all have left me
And hope has disappeared
You'll find me here


The Shaw's said...

What a beautiful song... you are in my prayers sweet friend. please let me know if you need some girl time.

Leigh said...

Selfishly speaking, your posts lately have been just the words I have needed. Thanks you so much for putting yourself out there!!!

Julie said...

I'm praying for you!