Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Friday - I'm in love

Week 26. She will be six months old on Sunday. Six months! Anyway. She is starting to go from sitting up to on her tummy without hurting herself. I still don't really trust her sitting up by herself because we have hardwood and if she falls it will hurt. I usually have the boppy around her or I am sitting with her. She still does not really like her jumper all that much. She pretty much would like me to hold her 24/7, but that really does not let me do anything! ha! She is getting better about her afternoon nap. If she gets a good 3 hours in she is so happy! I just wish she understood that and didn't fight it so much! She really is a good happy baby, just a little demanding! ha! She has her six months pics on Sunday with Julie and I can not wait. Julie also made her this cute bib with the left overs from her bedding. Yes, Julie also made her bedding! I don't know what I would do without Julie!


Donna said...

Isn't she cute!!!

Michelle said...

I ADORE the one with her tongue out!! So precious! Love the bib too! Isn't our Julie great!?

Julie said...

She's sooo sweet, Monica! I just want to eat her up. :)

P.S. What would I do without my sweet Monica? Love you, friend!