Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Week in Review

Blogger has not been helpful lately. So I will just recap last week. Carolina went swimming, she could pretty much care less! ha! We went to a Natural's game. We all loved it. We sat in the grassy area because we thought it would be easier with the stroller and all the kids. It was great! We were pretty much the only one's sitting there. The kids ran around and played then sat and watched the game for a while. Carolina loves being in the grass outside! It was great! Saturday was my birthday and I spent it at the ball fields where Gracie's team won district! We stayed in the winners bracket the whole tournament and only allowed 5 runs the whole tournament! Very proud of my favorite 3rd baseman! I like the winners bracket. We played two games Friday night then 3 games on Saturday. We had enough of a break that I got to go to Rivertowne BBQ for my birthday dinner (YUM!). The team we played in the finals played two games Friday and six games on Saturday!! Those girls had to be so tired by the time it came to the championship game!! Anyway. That is what has been going on with us!
*I have no idea why some pics are big and some are small, I will play with it more later!

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Lexie said...

wish you would let me know next time your in town for ball. We were there most of those days for t-ball too. I could have helped out with the baby...or.....just awwwweeeddd over her! Glad you guys won!