Thursday, June 24, 2010

Morning Routine - 3 months

I just wanted to post this mainly for myself. She has changed so much in 3 short months and I don't want to forget this stuff!
First of all, I am so blessed when it comes to sleeping. She goes down around 10:30. She wakes up around 3:30/4:00 and nurses and goes right back to sleep. She wakes up again around 6:30 and nurses and goes right back to sleep. She usually wakes up one more time to nurse before getting up for the morning around 10:00.

She likes to lay on her little play mat for a while and talk to the butterflies.

Then we change the diaper and get dressed for the day.

She likes to go outside and sit in the hammock for a little while. It is so hot now that we really can't
do this for very long. Barbie likes to come out with us and sunbathe.

Then we usually play for a little while. This morning I put her in her bed to play because I was vacuuming her room. We usually lay on the floor and she kicks her feet and chews on a toy until I put her on her tummy. She is not a big fan of tummy time so she will just fuss at me then roll over!

After all this fun she wants to nurse again and it is time for a nap. She loves soft furry blankets with a satin side also. She loves to have it rubbed on her face. It is usually a short nap, but this is what I am greeted with when she wakes up!

This usually brings up to lunch time when Daddy comes home to play for a little while. There really is no routine to our afternoon and evenings! We are usually on the go! I am very lucky to have a baby who doesn't mind being on the go, but she really loves to be at home!


Michelle said...

I know you are just enjoying the heck out of her!! She's precious!!

chadandnikki said...

She sounds so much like Clayton. He's always been a great sleeper, eater, and traveler. She's adorable.