Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Friday - I'm in love

Week 15. I am of the opinion that Carolina should always wear blue. It makes her eyes stand out! I ordered her cute outfit and bow from Sarah and I love it because it is big enough that I think this winter I can put a long sleeve onesie and jeans with it and she can wear it as a shirt! Barbie is very fascinated with Carolina. She sniffs her every chance she gets, and tries to get a good lick in also. She snuck up and sniffed while I was taking a picture!

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Chrissy Cash said...

She's precious and just growing like a weed! And yes, blue is a great color for her! I love the dress - Sarah made my girls a couple and they are adorable! Like you said, the best part is that it can grow with them and turn into a cute tunic when it gets too short to wear as a dress. They are adorable with a long sleeve shirt and jeans!