Wednesday, January 06, 2010

More Baby Bum Pics

We had another ultrasound of Baby Bum yesterday. It is weird to think we won't see him/her again until birth. I guess we got a little spoiled seeing Evan all the time. The photos of the us pics are not that great, sorry. I just cannot take pics of the us pics worth anything. I played with them a little so hopefully you can see the detail. I swear Sean can take better pics with his iphone than I can with my camera.
The first pic is of the perfect 4 chamber heart. The Aorta is in the right place, all the chambers are the right size, and the heart rate was 173 bpm (that is girl range by far if you believe the old wives tale). I will never tire of looking at that perfect heart beat. Seeing how it is supposed to look, I understand better how different Evan's looked.
The second pic is of the foot. It is a side view with the leg and foot. She switched over to 4d for this. The baby does not have extra fingers or toes, and no rocker bottom feet.
The last pic is of a hand. I know you cannot see the thumb, but it is there. This hand was doing a good job of covering his/her face! She tried hard to get a shot of the face the whole time we were there and the baby just would not let us see his/ her face! Those hands are over the face the whole time!! Even the profile pics you can see the head with the hands over the face! But that is OK. Everything else was perfect and we got reassurance that everything is normal.
Baby Bum does have long femurs (so long legs, wonder where he/she gets that! Ha!) and a big belly, like measuring two weeks ahead ( I know where the big belly comes from also!Ha!). Those were the two parts that measured really big. The baby was 4 or 5 days ahead as a whole. Dr. Laws did show us a chart that had the curve for baby weight at this age and there was a curve for too small, normal, and too big. Our baby was in between the too big and normal, inching more toward the too big. He said that was still perfectly normal, but I was going to have a big baby! They could also see hair on the ultrasound, so all that heartburn is for something!


chadandnikki said...

Yay, yay, and yay. So glad you had a positive ultrasound. That is a gorgeous/handsome baby.

christina said...

:) all smiles here for you! praying for these last few weeks...i am anticipating how we will feel. I have found it so difficult to not think about Cana and all that her story and life brings up in my heart..while i think about and anticipate this baby girl. That's part of the beauty, i know..but it's also SO hard!

as you shared, with the new year...i also feel that way. I can longer say "last year." it's feeling farther and farther away. and with THAT fact comes the fear that she will be remembered by us, but forgotten by the rest. ugh. I promise to always remember with you. Celebrating with you in our bittersweet joy. :)

Lexie said...

Love the u/s pictures. I like to look back and see if I can see any similarities once they are born. With Ethan, he looks SO much like his u/s pictures. Hope you're feeling well

The Shaw's said...

Beautiful! Cannot wait to meet your sweet little one and I am so glad he/she is growing and healthy. Praise the Lord!

Julie said...


adafloyd said...

Funny how beautiful body parts can be, huh? SO happy all is well... can't wait to meet him/her! :o)