Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Need a Moment Please

to brag on my amazing husband, who I don't take enough pictures of apparently. Having two babies in one year pretty much wreaked havoc on my body. Muscles and skin were stretched and big and then stretched and big again pretty much right away. I have been trying to do something about that and slowly my jeans have gotten way too big. The problem, the next size jeans I owned were still tight. I needed the size in between. I kept complaining, but not doing anything about it. So for Valentines day, my sweet husband brought me these roses (the yellow daisies were Gracie's) and a package from the Buckle. He went and bought a pair of jeans he liked and had everything there so I could exchange them. He said he had no idea what size, but he bought the style he liked and I could just go get the right size.! Who needs Cinderella's slipper when you have a cool pair of jeans that fit great!! ha! He took me shopping again today so I could get a few more pairs. You would have to know Sean, and how much he hates malls, to know how big this was. He may not be perfect, but it is the little things, like going to the mall and making me buy things for me and not the kids, that shows me he loves me.

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Rhonda said...

What an amazing man! Glad you are feeling good in your new and I'm sure super cute jeans!