Friday, May 07, 2010

It's Friday - I'm in love

Week 8. I have discovered it is hard to take a pic of yourself with your baby.

"Show us your life" posts today are about baby names so I thought I would share how my babies got their names.

Madison Grace. Her name is a bit complicated. I just liked Madison and Grace is after my Nanny who was extremely special to me. She started out as Maddi or Maddi Grace and I called her Gracie Girl a lot. When she got old enough to tell people her name she told them Gracie. There was a long period of her life (age 3-about5) when no one was really sure what to call her! ha! Since there are like 5 other Madison's in her class we went with Grace. That makes me happy because I love that name.

Garrett Walter. I just liked Garrett and wanted another "G" name to go with Grace. Walter is my dad's middle name and my dad is an amazing man so it just fit.

Evan Andrew. We had a hard time with Evan's name. I liked Gaige, Sean liked Bryson, and we both liked Evan. We called several family members and gave them all three and they all picked Evan. Andrew is Sean's middle name.
Carolina Faith. Sean was born in North Carolina and his grandmothers grandmothers name was Carolina. (I love for my children to have family names!). He has always wanted to name a little girl Carolina. Faith is because Grace and Faith just go together.

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chadandnikki said...

She is growing like a weed(that's a good NC phrase). I love your names. Well picked.