Wednesday, May 12, 2010

And it's a home run

I love my oldest daughter. I took my handy little flip video camera to the game last night so I could record the fact that it takes her to bat. She has so many little things, like crossing the batters box to mark her spot, hitting the base with the bat, wiping the sweat off her forhead, ect... Anyway. Last night I got her home run. What I did not get was the fact that is was a pop up to the pitcher that should have been an out. Through a series of unfortunate events for the other team, it turned into a home run. I also got her friend sliding into home and because the dirt was so wet, she did not slide that well and stopped short of the base! Fun stuff!

(The first pitch she was practicing her left handed bunt)

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Lexie said...

wow..look at that! Good job!