Friday, December 11, 2009

One Year and One Day

It has been one year and one day since I wrote this post about Faith (poor little boy, we REALLY thought he was a girl!). One year since we first found out that there could be a problem. At the time we were told hypoplastic left heart, we later found out it was Double Outlet Right Ventricle with a Ventricle Septal Defect. Trisomy 13 trumped it all though. Evan also would have been 9 months old yesterday. I don't really know why I am posting all this except it seems significant somehow. We started this journey one year and one day ago. We went to the doc very excited about our ultrasound and seeing our baby. We came home crawled in bed, held each other and cried. I am so not the person I was a year ago. When your world is rocked to its core it changes you in so many ways. Just thought I would share.


Lexie said...

It's strange how dates like that in life stand out to you. You remember them always...and for good reason. You have a special little fella to remember too. We received Ethan's news one year ago this last Tuesday and although our story didn't end up like yours, it IS amazing how in such short time, your normal can change in an instant. Thinking of you guys still.

chadandnikki said...

I totally agree. When your world is turned upside down, you are forever a different person. I'm sure you will never forget those important dates in Evan's life. I can only imagine what our babies are doing in Heaven this Christmas.

Rebecca said...

So, so true.

Hard to get through those 'shoulda beens'.


Julie said...

I love you, girl.