Sunday, October 04, 2009

Thank you

for the love and reassurance. It really means so much to me. I did realize that I did not share any info on the new baby though. I am almost 16 weeks. S/he is due on March 23rd. I think this has contributed to a lot of my anxieties. Evan was due on March 27th. I am pretty much reliving everything from a year ago, and a year ago I could not even imagine what my life would be like now. The name for a girl is the same, it is very special to us, Carolina Faith. I told Sean that he could name a son anything he wanted to so he has chosen Brett (probably) Dayton. He waivers on the middle name, probably because I vetoed it with Evan. Dayton means happy, sunny day and that would probably be a good thing in our lives about now. We are not going to find out if the baby is a girl or boy. Sean loves that part and it was something fun at a stressful time. The doc who delivered Evan had to tell me 3 times it was a boy! I was sooooo sure Evan was a girl. I will not even begin to try to guess with this baby. Anyway, thank you again. I am starting to feel some of the anxiety fall away and it helps the more people who know and are truly happy for us.


christina said...

I posted this on your previous post:
girl! i must have been mia for a whle because i see that you are expecting and oh my gosh, the ride is hard enough emotionally without adding to it the grief journey and all that goes with a subsequent pregnancy! I am so with you! How far along are YOU? We are just 10 weeks...and feeling every part of the grief AND celebration. It's SO difficult! I am so blessed by all your words and am finding again so much in common with your heart. Please please..share more with me! I have SO much to share but it's so hard because everyone is asking how we are..and i think "oh they are asking about my Cana!" and then a split second later, i, its just easier for them to ask about the NEW baby. Its so much harder to approach our suffering! do you get that too on your side of the pain and joy?

with you.

and realized i was signed in with my other google acct that just goes to my email. (argh) so...just wanted to give you a heads up who i was, we are expecting too. You are 5 weeks ahead of me. But i am so so so with you! So much more to share! appreciating i have someone so much in tune with our sorrow...bittersweet, you know.
peace always.

chadandnikki said...

You're doing it. You're doing great. I can't imagine all of the emotions, but you're doing it. And I love both the names. Praying for you in NC.

adafloyd said...

What awesome names... here's hoping for a girl, just because I am so in love with the name Carolina Grace. Wow... how elegant! :o) Thanks for keeping us all posted on things. Hope to talk to you soon!

Susan Roberts said...

We are so excited for you! Did you know that Granny B's Grandmother's name was Anna Carolina Edmunde! She is thrilled and so I am for you! We will pray for this little one and you! Love, Susan and Granny B

Barbara Williams said...

Wow! Congratulations to you all! This is great and exciting news! You will be in our prayers especially these next 6 months! Keep us posted. Aunt Barbie

Barbara Williams said...
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