Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nice, Relaxing Summer Break

or not. We have been pretty much running nonstop. We have gone to Minnesota twice. MG has had speed camps, conditioning camps, tennis lessons, and softball. Soccer starts back tomorrow. GW has been a bit more laid back. Lots of swimming and he has had goalie lessons. School starts back in like 3 weeks. It has just flown by. So this is pretty much a post about nothing, but at least there are pictures! MG playing ball, she got her hair chopped off, I need some pics of that! Sean and GW riding the lawn mower around, fun stuff for a 7 year old. Barbie running around the back yard with her sacrificial lamb, she carries that thing all over the place. And finally, GW trying to learn to dive. One day there may actually be pictures of me!LOL!


Michelle said...

Sean, please take your wife's camera and get some shots of her with her new do. The world needs to see how beautiful she is!!

chadandnikki said...

There is never time to really relax when you have wee ones. Glad things are going well for you guys. Enjoy.