Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Baby Post

We got the nusery painted the week between Christmas and New Years. Seans parents were here and were a HUGE help in getting things done. The bassinet is set up and waiting in our bedroom and I love it. It is a pretty cream and black toile print. The nursery is a tiffany blue and chocolate brown and I love it. We ordered the crib and there is a nice Amish man in Ohio making it for us now. We are still waiting for wood samples of the stains to pick out a stain, but the crib is a mission style that converts to a toddler bed and a full size bed. The pictures are of Seans parents helping with the nursery. Sean's mom helped clean out the messiest room in my house. It had become a catch all and had all sorts of stuff in there. Then we taped off the lines and Sean and his dad painted. I stayed in another room, but came in to take pictures. Garrett and Barbie were big helps in this process, they loved the plastic on the floor.

We had an ultrasound and nonstress test Friday. The amniotic fluid is fine. It was 11cm and 10 cm is normal. The kidneys measured fine and the baby's bladder was full so all is well from that standpoint. With the nonstress test, they gave Sean toy to play with. Sean talks to the baby every night and the baby will push on his hand and move around. The baby knows daddy. So the test was during the time when the baby is usually asleep so Sean started talking to the baby, and when Sean would talk, the baby's heartrate would go up and the baby started pushing on the monitor strapped to my belly. It was really funny. I was glad that Sean could see how much the baby responds to him. He would talk and the heartrate would go up. He would stop and the heartrate would go back to baseline. This will be a daddy's baby.

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Michelle said...

So glad to hear the good news!! The room sounds beautiful! Can't wait to see pics of the finished product.