Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rock Stars

I read Monica's last post and it makes me sad. (This is Sean speaking). Now, we can be sad and we can try to stop the world and change outcomes that really aren't in our control or we can prepare our family and leave this situation in God's hands where it belongs. Besides, the title of this blog is 'a blessed life', we know how this is going to end. It's right there in the title. Besides, if it doesn't end how we would have scripted it, we know that God will ultimately work this for the best. It's right there in Carolina's name Carolina Faith (I pre-appologize if you turn out to be Evan instead). So, in the mean time let's not turn to George Michael and talk about 'cause I gotta have faith'. Let's turn to Bachman Turner Overdrive and live a couple of these lyrics:

"If it were as easy as fish'n

You could be a musician

If you could make sounds LOUD (in my families case) or mellow.

Get a second hand guitar

chances are you'll go far,

If you get in with the right bunch of fellows.

People see you having fun

Just a-lyin in the sun.

Tell them that you like it this way.

It's the work we can't avoid,

And we're all self-employed.

We love to work at nothing all day

And I'll be taking care of business every day."

Therefore, dear God thank you for the rock star childern I already have. If you give me the oportunity to have another, I'm sure I'll rock out with that one too. But in the mean time I'll be

"Taken care of business and working overtime.

Work Out!"

This post would be nothing without more pictures, enjoy. (Therefore, Monica, when you catch me doing this please fix the pictures I've posted and add some more.) As always, Monica is the photog. Thanks again--Mama Rock Star.