Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Oh The Christmas Solo Drama

There are like people here.
Um, seriously, a lot of people

Maybe if I look this way they will go away

Deep breaths

I am saying a prayer.

maybe if I look at the ceiling

Or just look at my brother on the front row dancing to Silent Night

That wasn't so bad.

Seriously, I don't have pictures of her coming off the stage and I had to go talk her into going back up there. She stood doubled over for the three songs before her solo. Sean had to go on the stage to tell her she was ok. A teacher also went onstage to pray with her hoping it would calm her. The turtle neck was not a good choice. She about tore the thing off. (I guess the whole sweater dress, cami, tights and sherpa(?) lined boots while cute were very hot). I was very proud of her though. She sang the last verse of Silent Night and hit every high note. She really does have a beautiful voice. She received lots of encouragement from her friends on stage with her. Sereval people told me at school the next day that they had been praying for her. She needed it. I think the choir teacher needed those prayers also, she was very nervous when her soloist almost passed out onstage!


Julie said...

Go Gracie! Monica, lots of girls were coming up to her at church on Sunday telling her what a great job she did. :) That's gotta make a girl feel good.

Cropaddict said...

Aww, I can understand stage fright totally. Glad she made it through.

stephfreeman said...

WOW!! That is a talent I always wished I had... but the Lord didn't see it in His plan to bless me with singing ability. Way to go, Gracie!