Saturday, December 01, 2007

Just take the picture

and cut down the tree so we can go, it's cold out here!!

We actually got the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. Do you think it is decorated? Uh, no. It has lights and ornaments, but it is so tall that I can not reach the top(even with the ladder, I almost killed myself yesterday trying) to put the ribbons on. Sean will have to do that. I don't have the other tree that I can reach done either. I do have the trees in the kids rooms decorated. Gracie picked a red and silver theme this year and Garrett picked blue and silver. I have the weaths on the door and light fixtures and the mailbox. I made a button tree (it took forever!) and a paper tree, and I have some of my cards done. I love Christmas, but I love it a lot more when all the decorating and projects are done. I will post pictures soon (I hope it is done soon!)
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Julie said...

Sounds so festive! I just have one tree. :) I'd love to see your projects!