Friday, May 20, 2011

Go Carts

We have a little go cart track a couple of miles from our house. Sean and the big kids love to go when we have a free evening in the spring/summer. So, when we went to Branson last week the kids had to take Sean to one of the big go cart tracks. There was a cork screw thing to drive up, then a pretty big hill to drive down. Garrett was just about an inch too short to drive his own go cart, so he rode with Dad. He had a blast! Sean may have had fun also!

Gracie on the other hand, since she is now taller than me, was tall enough to ride by herself. I don't know how well you can see these photos, but she was screaming like a little girl! It was so funny. Sean was the first one down every time, and Grace was the last one! She talks so big, but she is still 13. They had the go carts regulated so they could not go fast anyway, and she rode the brakes the entire time! She had a blast, I think she just had a moment of panic when she saw the hill!

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