Wednesday, January 12, 2011

10 Months

I cannot believe she is 10 months old. Grace started walking on the day she turned 10 months, and I really thought C was going to be walking by now, but she is not. And thats ok. I think she could if she wanted to. She will let go while she is standing up, and she has fallen on her rear end a few times, so she has decided that letting go is just not for her! ha! She is cruising. She will walk all over the place as long as her hand is touching something. She is not sleeping all that well for some reason. It is worse than when she was a newborn. I feel like I am in a fog most of the time. She is starting to eat more food. I have started pureeing less and less and giving her cut up food to eat. She feels like a big girl! She is drinking more and more out of a sippy cup also. She has not figured out how to climb the stairs yet. I am very thankful for that! She never was much of a snuggler, but as she gets older she appreciates "snuggle up" more and more. She gives kisses that are wet and slobbery and wonderful! I am just very thankful I have the opportunity to stay home and be a mommy ~ it is the best job ever!

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Julie said...

Precious girl!