Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Cute Boots

at least I think so. Sean bought them for me a while back and I thought they would look cute with the skirt I wore today. The problem is I am 20 weeks pregnant. I am so swollen (I always swell bad and early on) and these cute boots were not made for 20 week pregnant, swollen legs.

Sorry, maybe I should have posted a warning of gross feet pictures! They looked fine this morning when I left for the school ( I was subbing today), but when I got home my legs were spilling out over the top of the boots (not cute) and there were huge indentations where my ankles usually are. So, no more cute boots for me this year. I will be wearing tennis shoe or something comfy!


Michelle said...

Ouch! That stinks!

adafloyd said...

Wow... they look like they are trying to strangle your legs! lol I have the same problem... I can still wear one pair of boots, but I have to leave the zipper down about an inch, which really kills the whole "cute" aspect! :o)

Let's hear it for tennis shoes!!

Lexie said...

and you totally deserve to wear comfy things! PS. they are cute boots though

The Shaw's said...

Hey Monica,
My midwife says the a lot of swelling comes from not eating enough protein. Try upping your protein to at least 80 grams a day and increasing your water intake. I pray it gets better for you! You can call me if you want.
Love and hugs!!

shawnda said...

They are very cute boots! It looks like they hurt, I have shoes that do that too. Why does cute have to cause foot pain? The comfort of a tennis shoe but the look of a cute boot, hmmm any designers out there?