Monday, February 02, 2009

Not Much Going On

There is not a whole lot to update right now. We have had two non stress tests since the last post and both have been great. The baby is strong and moving around alot. We have 5 weeks and 1 day till I am induced. I am really excited to finally meet this little one, but very nervous. The baby is fine as long as he/she is inside me, but after the birth we will have answers and a plan for helping this baby.

I have been reading some blogs of families going through the same thing. It has helped to see people going through this and coming out the other side with their beautiful babies. It is just getting through this that I am worried about. There are pictures of the tiny babies surrounded by wires and tubes and machines and I am just not sure how I am going to walk into a room and see my baby surrounded by all this stuff and not fall apart. How am I going to sit in a waiting room for 8 hours while they operate on my child. Just please continue to pray for us. It is the only thing we can do right now and to be quite honest I need to feel God's peace. Thank you.


Lexie said...

March 10th is the big day, right?? have they said at all when the surgery will be scheduled for? Are they talking ASAP or give it a few weeks?

StephF said...

Those wires and tubes make your baby look so pitiful but at the same time you are grateful that they are helping your precious little one get whatever he/she needs. It is hard the first time you see it. It does get easier. Especially as they start coming out. God has a plan for this precious one and you know it is going to be big!