Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Difference a Lens Can Make

Today is my 33rd birthday and my wonderful hubby got me the lens that I have needed for a while now. Our house has wonderful lighting for living. Very soft lights, but for pictures it pretty much was awful. Most indoor pictures are blurry. So Sean got me the 50mm lens for my b-day. These are straight out of the camera and I love them. I should also be able to get the basketball shot that I want next year! I am just so excited! The kids are already tired of me sticking the camera in their faces! Barbie even got her picture taken and I usually cannot get one of her that is not blurry! I will spend the next several days playing with my new toy!! Sean, it was the perfect gift! Thank you! It is so nice to have a husband that gets me!

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Julie said...

Yea!! I love my is perfect for around the house AND outside. :) enjoy it, girl! those photos are rockin.