Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wild Boy

I haven't talked about Garrett lately. Soccer season was over today. I missed a lot of his games. When they both have games I usually go with Grace and he goes with Garrett. He did have a lot of fun and did not want it to end. He will move up to all boy teams next year and he will make a great defender!

Remember Gracie and the solo drama. Garrett has no stage fright. In fact he could be heard even when he wasn't in front of the mike. His teacher promised them 10 merits if they sang loud and GW as determined to get his ten merits. He sang loud and off key, so maybe he got extra merits for that!
Teeball is in full swing now. I just haven't uploaded any photos yet. I will make a post someday that does not involve sports and children, I just don't know what I will post about yet! It seems like this is all I do!

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