Saturday, November 17, 2007

Basketball Season is Here

Seriously, we tell what season it is by the sport Gracie is playing!LOL! We were in Kansas City last weekend for a soccer tournament then Thursday they had a basketball practice and she had her first intermural games today. She played 4 twelve minute quarters. She scored 30 points. They sat her out for a while to let the other team have a chance. She was passing it and letting other girls shoot, then she would get the rebound and shoot. She quit playing defense and just kinda stood in the middle. I think she felt bad for the other team. She did say it was a lot of fun to score though! This picture is from last season because I, like a good mom, forgot my camera. My brain just was not ready to function for an 8:30 game on a Saturday though. So get ready, I am sure there will be plenty of basketball pictures coming!
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Julie said...

go gracie girl!