Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Just Because

I haven't posted anything about Garrett in a long time! He has had a busy summer with lots of swimming and teeball. He has improved so much at the pool. He has gone from having floaties and hanging on to the ladder the whole time to actually treading water and kinda swimming. He will go down the slide and jump in the pool all by himself! Such a big boy!! He is sooooo excited about starting K5, I think he is growing up way to soon. I go back and forth between being so proud of him and just wanting him to stay a preschooler. Don't let the sweet smile fool ya though! He can be a stinker!
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Julie said...

i love that photo monica! :) he is growing up fast! i can't believe it

SSgtBullsGirl said...


i love the photo of garrett, honey you are so right, they get big way to fast!
love ya
le anne irene bull

stephfreeman said...

LOVE the photo! He and Jackson are closer in age than I realized! One more year of preschool for us... I'm not ready for him to be in kindergarten. Jackson is not nearly as busy as Garrett! I wish I had enrolled him in swim lessons this summer.... He is getting more confident but isn't there yet!

shawnda said...

He is so handsome. Grant is the same way in the pool, he is getting better and I keep working with him. I agree that they grow up too fast. It's like after kindergarten they loose that little boy look and attitude and get the I'm growing up look and attitude.