Thursday, February 01, 2007

Snow Day!!

Garrett didn't want to play, it's too cold! He is still not quite himself. Gracie has been in and out quite a bit, and Barbie goes nuts outside! I feel like we have been shut in our home forever. Last weekend it was the flu, we got a day and a half of normal and now we are stuck home again. Sean is from Minnesota so he doesn't mind driving in this stuff, but I slid a couple of times picking Grace up from school yesterday and that was enough for me!


SSgtBullsGirl said...

I love the photos, I'm a little jealous Tucker didn't want to go out at all... I have NO pictures.
Le Anne

Julie said...

great photos monica! i don't like driving in the snow either!

stephfreeman said...

Great pictures! I don't mind driving in it until I get stuck! We were on an incline when traffic stopped and then my wheels just started spinning when it was time to go again. I ended up backing onto the shoulder of the road to get traction. FUN...NOT!