Thursday, August 31, 2006

Grace Finds Goodness in Everything


It's a name for a girl

It's also a thought

that could change the world

Grace finds goodness in everything

Grace finds beauty in everything

Because Grace makes beauty out of ugly things.

-Grace by U2

I love this song because it puts Grace in a "she" form. There is so much about God's grace that I do not understand, but I know that I am here right now only because of God's grace. I also know that without my Grace I would not have made it through some really tough times. So it is hard for me to think about God's grace without my Gracie girl. God tooks some really ugly things in my life and used them to make me what I am today, and my children were a huge part of that. It took an unplanned pregnancy to make me see that this was not how I should live my life. It took my Gracie picking a man who loved me and her and not letting me push him out of our life. She knew better than me that Sean was the missing piece of our family and Garretts daddy. I owe so much of my happiness to Grace. God's grace and my Grace.


Rhonda said...

All I can say...isn't God good? What a neat have a literal picture of God's grace. I hope you have saved your journaling about it to add to your scrapbook page. What a wonderful story to tell your Grace!

shawnda said...

What a neat story. I love it. God's grace is wonderful and your Gracie seems so sweet. I love the layout too!

stephfreeman said...

break out the kleenex! You know - I brought my mom and stepdad together. I introduced them and encouraged her to go out with him. Funny how a child's instincts can be so good sometimes!